Greensboro Rock: Tiny Meteors

Tiny Meteors @ the Flying Anvil, Greensboro, NC. 8/03/06.

(C)2006 Rash Photo

I tend to hate band photography because it usually looks the same. Maybe I'm on a search for a new way to shoot this kind of event, but feel like whatever that is I have not yet found it. Rock bands with motion blur and light trails is a tired technique with an abandonment of some aspects of controlling the final image, yet seems to be a formula I find myself relying on all too often. Composition can also be difficult with limited angles and shooting positions in smaller venues or packed rooms. Toting your camera around a small rock club, stepping on and around people who paid good money to be there is certainly no fun. However, it is important to document our musical experiences, especially local artist that run the risk of playing a handful of shows before evaporating forever. Tiny Meteors played their second ever show in Greensboro last night, this is my attempt to archive the show with a handful of typical rock n roll photographs.