NYC 06: Coney Island Revisited

Coney Island, NY. 6/15/06.

(C)2006 Rash Photo
On July 15th Coney Island became a playground for NYC's indie music scene. The Village Voice sponsored the Siren Music Festival, which crowded the boardwalk and the amusement park with a sea of hipsters and rockers. However, the scene was not entirely surrendered to the uber-pretentious, as many families and Coney Island regulars completed the scene. Here are two images that could have been taken on any day at Coney Island, rock n roll backdrop or not. People come to Coney Island to see the ocean (but never to swim), to walk on the boardwalk, and to enjoy a variety of junk food. The food offerings of Coney Island are just as important as the 75 year old wooden Cyclone rollercoaster, the Wonder Wheel, or the boardwalk itself. Here we observe only a few of Coney Island's culinary choices.