Sinostory 2011: Nanjing




Nanjing is my home away from home... or more simply put: my hometown in China. I was lucky enough to live in Nanjing from March-August 2010, as a student at Nanjing Normal University studying Mandarain Chinese and Chinese culture.  Each time I have returned to China I am drawn back to Nanjing, and each time I return to Nanjing it is an emotional homecoming.

The Nanjing Massacre Museum and Presidential Palace are both fantastic representations of Nanjing's history, and China's relationship with it's own past.  Our photo group had but 48 hours to tour this historically rich city, which is barely enouch to scratch the surface. 

 The photos here were all captured at the Presidential Palace on a chilly December day in 2011.

©2011 John Rash