Green Film Festival in Seoul

Yangtze Drift will have its Asian premiere at the Green Film Festival in Seoul  May 8-15, 2014. I stayed in Seoul briefly in 2010 as an English teacher and loved the city, people, and of course the food. I feel both privileged and honored to return to South Korea next month as one of the filmmakers at this wonderful environmentally themed festival and to be included in the Green Film Competition. The schedule and list of films are already posted on the GFFIS website, and I assure you there are many films now on my not-to-miss list. 

120 Process

It has been nearly 10 years since the last time I ran a roll of film through a camera. Welcome to the digital revolution, where you adapt to new technology and never look back. Somehow, I still managed to collect a few unique and interesting film cameras over the past decade, all of which I had never used. Call them ornimentation, decoration, or pieces in my personal camera museum. I suppose I was just too preoccuiped with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Last weekend I finally decided to dust off a Chinese twin lens camera (MU DAN) which I picked up from a street vendor in Hong Kong nearly five years ago. Not knowing exactly how far to wind the film after each exposure, or if the camera would work at all, I decided to play around with double and triple exposures. Not being certain that any of the images would actually emerge, it was an exercise in experimentation. I realized how much I miss the "blindness" or mystery of not seeing the image immediatly on a digital LCD... I felt transported back to my first black and white photo classes in college. Of course, now that I know the camera works I'm excited to try some rolls of color film next....

Below are a few of my favorite images from the weekend.

(c)2012 John Rash UNCG around noon last Friday overlaying plants, buildings, and pedestrians. 

(c)2012 John Rash My sister standing outside my grandmother's house with an overlayed shot of the sunset dipping into the forest on Saturday evening. 

(c)2012 John Rash A little Photoshop just to add color. 

(c)2012 John Rash A plain simple snapshot portrait of my dad.