Action Patrol Reunion 12/01/07

(c)2007 John F Rash / RASHPHOTO
(c)2007 John F Rash / RASHPHOTO
Almost 12 years have passed since the Richmond, VA spaz-core punk juggernaut Action Patrol had their final curtain call. Or so the world was left to believe. I was fortunate enough to be at that show, and still have the flier in a box of other such nostalgic punk memorabilia somewhere in my attic. Someone once told me an Action Patrol reunion was a fools dream--- an impossibility never to materialize. That was good news to me, as I am not a fan of reunions, and certainly not happy to see a band of has-beens slowly and sloppily making an embarrassing attempt at recreating their historic material.

This past weekend, the impossible became possible, and a band who were never meant to play again reunited, and despite the odds, they kicked ass. In fact, it was as if the band never ceased to exist, and the songs we loved over a decade before sounded just as crisp and energetic as ever. Hairlines may be a bit higher, bellies a bit lower, but the tunes were just as fast, just as topical, and just as well executed as ever. I have been proven wrong... the reunion show might not be such a terrible thing. The REUNION TOUR, however, is another story altogether.

Entry 09: Tasuma

Tasuma. Greensboro Arboretum 7/09/06.

©2006 Rash Photo
My friends Will and Sandy have been playing music together for nearly 8 years. Their newest project has taken the name Tasuma, and can be found playing around Greensboro on a weekly basis. We got together at the park on Sunday evening and attempted to do some band promo shots. The lighting was a bit too harsh at times, and it became very difficult to balance the light on both of their faces in the location we chose for the shoot. However, I think some of the images came out quite nice. Here are a few so you can see what I mean.