Yangtze Drift at Full Frame

Yangtze Drift, my film about the Yangtze River, will premiere this Friday at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. This is a major accomplishment for me as a filmmaker, having moved into this field after spending the past decade working in still photography. I am honored that Yangtze Drift can be launched into the film festival circuit as part of such a fantastic festival. I attended Full Frame in 2013 and remember thinking that I would be lucky if I could have a film in the festival within 5 years time. Who knew only a year later I would be on the other side of the screen premering the film I made as part of my thesis work in the Duke MFA|EDA program? This year Full Frame serves as a personal threshold between graduate school and my continued professional life as a filmmaker and educator.  

Yangtze Drift screens at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival on Friday April 4 at 1pm.