Qingdao is for Lovers

Visiting Qingdao for the first time I was overwhelmed by some of the unique qualities of this city compared to others in Mainland China. European style architecture influenced by the 1898-1914 German occupation, as well as a large population of Korean and Japanese immigrants give this seaside city with a flavor all of its own. Strolling through the scenic locations it's hard to avoid engagement and bridal photo shoots in every corner of Qingdao, with many spots flooded with photographers, make up artists and of course brides, grooms, and wedding parties all dressed in white. Amazingly everyone courtesly worked around each other, and managed to find a space to do each photoshoot without arguement or discussion. In America I could just imagine the turf wars that might emerge if photo locations were even half as crowded. These images give a glimpse into the Qingdao bridal photo world, which is thriving day in and out all year round. (J)