Antiques and Cell Phones

Antique ©2010 John Rash
Cases ©2010 John Rash
Experimenting with iPhone photography apps, I've found that some really nice effects can be achieved when processing photos through multiple applications. Apps such as Hipstamatic allow the photographer to treat the cell phone like a film based Lomography camera, with various digial "lenses" "films" and "flashes" which you must choose before taking your shot. It's a nice metaphor to film based photography in the sense that you have to make a commitment to your choice before releasing the shutter.

The social photography app Instagram combines retro film effects with a social stream of photos, comments, and the ever popular "like" button. Instragram allows users to process their shots after capture, or to choose previously taken photos from their library, which might be more appeal to those non-committal in choosing the effect of your film and filter choice.

Above you can see two photos I process using a combination of both apps together. Capturing originally through Hipstamatic and then processing through Instagram. Giving an effect unique and not available within any individual app alone.