Photographer Establishes Relationship with Nanjing Normal Univeristiy 南京师范大学

3/5/09 Evening lecture to Nanjing Normal student population. (photo:张泽烨)
John F Rash gives lecture at Photojournalism School, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing China.

March 4-6, 2009, John F Rash visited the school of photography and photojournalism at Nanjing Normal University. Rash met with the students and faculty through various organized exchanges. On the afternoon of March 5, Rash met with the entire Photography and Journalism faculty including head of the program and well-known Chinese photographer Dr. Pei Lin Li.

Thursday March 5, Rash presented an evening lecture, which was open to the entire student population of Nanjing Normal. Rash discussed areas of change in professional photography and journalism from the perspective of working American photographers, and also gave a presentation of his own work. Students were allowed to ask questions, working through a student interpreter who was chosen by the school due to her high level of English fluency. Rash spoke again with Junior and Senior photojournalism students the morning of March 6, presenting Adobe's Lightroom software in it's new Chinese language version.

During this visit to Nanjing, Rash met with the students and faculty to discuss future exchange opportunities between his students at Randolph Community College and those studying photography in Nanjing. Rash will travel back to Nanjing this May, on a photo exploration trip, accompanied by nine of his current and former students who will work together with students from Nanjing Normal to capture their photographic impressions of China.

3/6/09 Lightroom demonstration to Junior and Senior Photojournalism class. (photo:张泽烨)

3/5/09 Dr. Li Peilin and John Rash meet to discuss photo education in USA and China. (photo: 张泽烨)