A New Approach to Photoblogging

As an active blogger and member of the Flickr photo hosting site, I've been pondering the reason for posting my photos in multiple venues online. Obvioulsy, more exposure is more exposure, but is it really worth while to have identical photosets published on the same date on two sites. I've always felt that it was ok to publish the photos with a minimal amount of writing, so the photos talk for themself. However, the marriage of image and text can make a more enjoyable experience for the viewer. That said, I've decided to use Blogger primarly as a place for storytelling, and Flickr as a photo hosting / sharing site. Seems to fit the intended mold, right? I would like to give each set of photos published on this page a bit more attention in terms of background story, narrative, and possibly technical information about how the photo came to being. The photos here might be only a few in a larger series that can be found on my Flickr page, which will not contain a written narrative or description of posted images. I also have some audio slideshows planned for this blog, and hopefully some work intended to serve as more of a documentary or snapshot of a particular moment, event, or location. If you are viewing this, I hope you enjoy the new direction of the Blog. However, don't expect updates quite as often. If you want to see new photos in the same frequency as before try checking my Flickr site here: http://www.flickr.com/photo/rashphoto