NYC O1: Rok N Roll Amusement Park

Siren Music Festival. Coney Island. 7/16/06.

©2006 Rash Photo
I spent the day at Coney Island feeling ever so out of touch with contemporary indie music. The fact that I had only heard of two of the bands playing the Siren Festival should have been a clue that I' have become so jaded and indifferent that winning me over as a new fan was a hopeless challenge for the day's performers. I should have just spent my time and money riding the Cyclone, but that's a story and series of photos for another day. I was hoping that the weather wouldn't break into the sweltering temperatures that have plagued North Carolina for the past few weeks. Luckily it was a very mild day with periodic rain, which kept everyone from getting too sweaty, smelly, and grumpy. My friend Ann Lee now plays keyboard and sings with Serena Maneesh, a noisey art-rock band from Norway, who were flown to America by the Village Voice soley to play the day's festival. The photos above are a combination of Coney Island regular attractions and the Serena Maneesh performance. Enjoy!