One Party Ultimate Nightclub (trailer)

The spectacle and eroticism of the nightlife can be an attractive means of making a living for many young Chinese, for whom the glitz and glamor becomes the background noise for their daily work routines. This film strips away the sound and color of the club to look beyond the overwhelming audible and visual spectacle, turning all attention on the nightclub inhabitants as they live the scene.


Homeostatic is a short documentary filmed at an apartment complex in the small rural town of Hillsborough, North Carolina. The film uses secondary orality created from online apartment reviews as a device to give voice to the renters who live, or have lived, in this community. The viewer is then asked to consider expectations of renters, public and private voice, and the differences between rural and urban communities. 

Occupy this Meme

OWS vs Psy! The ultimate outcome of effective social media campaigns are the perforation of the viral internet meme ceiling, effectively breaking into the wider pubic sphere. What happens when a meme grows lager than the internet from which it was given life? What space does it continue to occupy in our social consciousness a year later, two years later, a decade later?

Artist Interview: Kymia Nawabi

Kymia Nawabi an Iranian-American modern-day Frida Kahlo whose paintings explore her family, her dreams, and her own personal relationships. Kymia was also the winner of a Bravo network reality-TV competition called Work of Art. In this interview we try to unravel what happens when an artist becomes the subject in such a trivial type of TV documentary.